This off season build a body that is ready to realise your best skiing. Tom Gellie will guide you through every joint and every muscle teaching you body awareness, mobility and the biomechanics to ski smoothly and efficiently for the rest of your life.  

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What’s in the program

  • Weekly zoom lessons and workouts. Learn the anatomy, exercises and awareness needed to perform at your peak.

  • We begin with the feet building strong and nimble foundations and work our way up the body. 

  • Ski specific dry-land exercises. Tom coaches predominantly online and has developed exercises to help you progress your skiing without even being on snow. 

  • Video feedback to refine your movement. This is key and why Tom gets such great results. With his eye for annalysis and attention to detail we can work on repairing old injuries and getting back your mobility.  

  • The Body Prep Workouts collection to own for life.  Take Your training beyond the program

  • Still Skiing? Send Tom videos of your skiing and continue to improve your technique as well as your fitness and strength. 


Each week you will join Tom on zoom calls to learn anatomy and biomechanics. Then work through movements and exercises teaching you how to work smarter with your body. Tom believes that alignment and understanding levers in your body is a more efficient approach to movement as opposed to just looking for more strength. If a structure is failing a good engineer will look at why instead of just making it stronger. How Tom helps you find strength through alignment is through video analysis of the weekly exercises. Often sent back to you within minutes of uploading to the BPS Coaching App.

Tom Gellie wants to teach and coach you into discovering how to move better

Who is it for?

People ready to invest a small amount of time back into their bodies. Age is not a factor and neither is fitness level. Tom only wants to work with people who are ready to commit to changing their movement habits. This is because coaching is a two way street. In order for Tom to coach, he needs you to communicate and send videos of how you are going. If you are ready to invest in yourself and set aside a small amount of time each week you will be sure to see great results. 


See an example of Tom coaching one if his students on their pistol squat. This is what you will receive every time you send in your progress.

The 10 week program begins on the 15th May.

Next intake is end of July and then October. If you’re interested in this program register your interest by emailing info@bigpictureskiing.com

To secure your spot in this one of a kind program click below

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​​Body Prep Program 10 weeks

​$1349 USD

Signup for the 10 week program and receive coaching from Tom Gellie to help build your ski body. 


"The BPS Body Prep program is so much more than a typical off-snow ski program. It is an enhanced physical literacy and a valuable toolbox for your body both on and off the slopes. Starting at the feet and moving up to the neck, each week contains useful learnings and key exercises that you can take with you long after the program is complete. Add to this, the fortnightly conversations about ski technique, and you have a one of a kind program - I highly recommend it.”


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“I want to provide some feedback as to what I felt in the first few days of skiing this season. Our conditions are pretty marginal with lots of ice so I’ve been able to actively try many of the tactics and techniques and methods that we’ve been working on these past 10 weeks. One of the biggest impacts was foot tensioning and pressure awareness. One of the tasks for my next level is one footed skiing in varied conditions with blended turns. I felt much more confident practicing this season with the ability to more precisely position pressure across and along the foot and throughout turns on one leg. In particular, being able to identify and experiment and correct ankle flex ion with complementary changes in knee, hip, spine, neck and shoulder made for many options to try to find what seems to work well for me. Working with you has raised consciousness of the chain which seems to affect almost everything. Fellow instructors were impressed by the seemingly immediate improvement that they witnessed compared to the end of last season, especially in my performance of typically challenging drills.”



I think that the program is just right for me. And quite universal as well. I have been strengthening parts of my body I had ignored in the past. And that makes a difference. Feet and legs appear to be stronger now, and more agile, which is very useful in my football as well as skiing.”



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