Online Coaching and Immersion Program

10 week Online Coaching and Immersion Program

Build your body off-snow, to perform on-snow. Work on every aspect of your skiing to help you achieve the best results imaginable. This is like no other program out there making skiing your pathway to better physical health, creative thinking, trouble shooting technical ski issues. 

This is the latest initiative from internationally renowned ski instructor Tom Gellie, and World Championship alpine racer Sam Robertson; to revolutionise off-snow and on-snow ski training with a new 10-week online coaching course - to help you be in the best shape of your life for skiing - without spending long hours in the gym or compromising your busy schedule.

We then help you translate your off-snow progress into your skiing with a tailored experience via technical instruction and coaching on your skiing.

By the end of the program you will have worked on building body awareness, injury recovery and management, strength and control throughout your entire body - and know how and where to apply these heightened skills to your skiing.

After a successful test program, we are taking on a very limited amount of clients for this one of a kind tailored program.
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The program includes:

- Life access to our private Big Picture Skiing course page, with weekly off snow exercises, starting from building strong feet and then working your way up the body’s joints systematically.

- 10 weekly 75min zoom lesson's to go over how and why for each of the exercises. These are active lessons and are imperative to gain great results.

- Life access to our private Facebook group for sending videos for feedback and learnings. Use this tool to receive feedback at any time for your off-snow and on-snow training. Analysis and feedback is how we get your skiing to the next level.

- 5 Fortnightly zoom lesson's to discuss theory and how your learnings fit into your skiing. We use skiing examples from elite athletes and perform video analysis on your own skiing to help you reach the next level in your technique.

-Full access to the Big Picture Skiing Video library for the duration of the course.

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We Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tom and Sam


"The Big Picture Skiing Body Prep for Ultimate Skiing program is so much more than a typical pre-season ski program. It is an enhanced physical literacy and a valuable toolbox for your body both on and off the slopes. Starting at the feet and moving up the neck, each week contains useful learnings and key exercises that you can take with you long after the program is complete. Add to this, the weekly conversations about ski technique, and you have a one of a kind program - I highly recommend it.”


“I wanted to provide some feedback as to what I felt in the first few days of skiing this season. Our conditions are pretty marginal with lots of ice so I’ve been able to actively try many of the tactics and techniques and methods that we’ve been working on these past 10 weeks.One of the biggest impacts was foot tensioning and pressure awareness. One of the tasks for my next level is one footed skiing in varied conditions with blended turns. I felt much more confident practicing this season with the ability to more precisely position pressure across and along the foot and throughout turns on one leg. In particular, being able to identify and experiment and correct ankle flex ion with complementary changes in knee, hip, spine, neck and shoulder made for many options to try to find what seems to work well for me. Working with you has raised consciousness of the chain which seems to affect almost everything. Fellow instructors were impressed by the seemingly immediate improvement that they witnessed compared to the end of last season in my performance of these heretofore challenging drills.”


“I think that the program is just right for me. And quite universal as well. I have been strengthening parts of my body I had ignored in the past. And that makes a difference. Feet and legs appear to be stronger now, and more agile, which is very useful in football [Georgy loves his football] as well as skiing.”