This is the latest initiative from internationally renowned BPS founder Tom Gellie, and World Championship alpine racer

Sam Robertson; with the aim of revolutionising ski training with tailored coaching that goes beyond your typical ski lesson.

The Big Picture Academy is for you if:

  • - You want tailored, world class ski coaching from anywhere in the world 24/7 (without compromising on your busy schedule).

  • - You want to deep dive into skiing, improve dramatically and build a better physique for skiing (without spending lengthy hours in the gym)

  • - You've been watching Big Picture Skiing content and thought "I wish I could ask more about that".

  • - You want to learn the bio mechanical movements needed for elite skiing from the comfort of your home.

  • - You’ve hit a plateau in your skiing and a need a fresh perspective on how to reach the next level.

  • - You feel like personalised coaching could be the key to unlock your best skiing.

Applications are currently closed

Check back soon if you are looking to apply for one of the highly sought after Academy programs. 



Acceptance is limited.

If it appears you’d be a good fit for the academy based on your application, in the next step you’ll receive a free private lesson with Tom or Sam - for you to experience online ski coaching, and see if it is right for you.

We'll look at your situation and give you some immediately implementable ski instruction - regardless of the outcome - no strings attached.

(while spots are available):


On-snow & Off-snow.

Anytime, anywhere.

  1. To ensure our select group of clients receive the highest quality coaching, we can only accept a small group at a time.

  2. We accept new intakes - and schedule the free private lessons - at a pace that we can handle. If the "Apply Now" button is active then we currently have a few available seats.

    First come, first serve - Apply now!

What's Included in the Programs?

As a client, you'll receive (at least) the following to help take your skiing to new peaks:

Personalised coaching and guidance from world-renowned ski Instructor Tom Gellie and World Championship alpine racer Sam Robertson.

Instant access to our private Big Picture Skiing course page. Re-build your body and alignment from the feet up for ultimate skiing

Instant access to our Inner circle private coaching app with 24/7 access to tailored coaching.

Academy Zoom coaching sessions each week - where you recieve face-to-face coaching.

Full access to all Big Picture Skiing has to offer for regular members.

Priority Access to upcoming on-snow clinics

Academy Students Results

We use video to track your progress


Experience personalised coaching, from two of the worlds best instructors.


”I joined the ski academy in December 2021 and can now say (March ‘22) that my skiing has improved dramatically. Their coaching helped progress my understanding of my own skiing in such profound ways which I could not get or find in the many many days of skiing with a teacher or a guide over the last ten years.
If you want to really and deeply advance your skiing then this is the place to be. Hands down.


Software Developer

“Can’t say enough about this program. I have learned more in the last three months than I’ve learned in 20 years of PSIA clinics. The feedback is so precise. The descriptions of the recommended changes to improve our skiing are so accurate. Tom and Sam’s combination of the race world, the instructor world and a deep understanding of anatomy just can’t be beat. I’m signing up for next year as well.”


Ski Instructor Mt Baker

“Tom and Sam are FANTASTIC. Can’t say enough positive things about how really great it has been working with them this season. Hard workers who really care about their clients. They have a unique approach to ski teaching that I have enjoyed very much. The quality of the program is terrific and the effort they have put in to make skiing easier is impressive. Thank you BPS!”


Ski Instructor at Vail

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<p>Lee-Ann</p>, <p><span style="color: rgb(48, 54, 62);" >Ski Instructor Mt Baker</span></p>
<p>Doug</p>, <p><span style="color: rgb(48, 54, 62);" >Ski Instructor at Vail</span></p>

Hear an Academy Students experience of the program

Lee Ann

Level 3 PSIA Instructor