Global Skiing Podcast

Tom Gellie

Tom speaks with technical skiers from around the world. Gain insight into some of the best technical skiers and what their thoughts are on good skiing and how to achieve it.


Binding placement effects on skiing with Lou Rosenfeld

JUN 23 / by Tom Gellie / Equipment

Should you mount your bindings on the recommend factory line? What happens if you change the placement? Is there an ideal location for our bindings to be mounted every time? These questions and more are covered in this latest episode. I interviewed Lou Rosenfeld, a ski shop owner from Calgary, who is also a mechanical engineer involved in research over the years on the effects on binding mount location on ski performance. 

Tomass Marnics Interview

APR 2020 / by Tom Gellie

Tomas has cut a niche for himself in the ski industry running his own ski camps based on what he sees the best skiers in the world are doing. His unique perspective of testing and comparing different ways to move on skis always converge on the goal of more power and alignment with forces.

Ron Le Master Interview

JAN 2018 / by Tom Gellie

Tom chats with Ultimate skiing author Ron Le Master. Ron is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the physics of skiing. He has been a technical advisor to the US ski team as well as coach and instructor. 

J.F. Beaulieu Interview

FEB 2015 / by Tom Gellie 

Tom talks with the talented J.F. Beaulieu from Canada. J.F. is a three time CSIA demo team member, Level 4 examiner and holds his full cert French Qualification. Tom and J.F. discuss biomechanics, ski technique and his current focus points in his skiing.