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Tom Gellie created Big Picture Skiing with the goal of fast tracking progress for any skier. This is done through a comprehensive video library on carving, bump skiing, short turns, drills and exercises, body preparation, equipment setup, biomechanics, and the physics of skiing. If you love skiing you will find the answers you have been looking for to help take your skiing to the next level.


Fore and Aft lessons Possibly the most essential skill to master in skiing. This category must be watched by every skier. Learn new ways of understanding and feeling what your fore and aft balance should be like. Bump skiing From gaining control of your speed and line to making your mogul skiing smoother and more fluid. This category will help you understand what has been missing in your bump skiing in order to make moguls your favourite type of skiing. Carving Carving has to be one of the most fun things to do on a pair of skis. There are essential concepts you must understand before being able to carve dynamic turns with high edge angles. This category covers the physics of carving, biomechanics and progressions needed to get you comfortable on any pitch. Webinars Covering A wide variety of different topics from ski drills to turn transitions the webinars are a great resource. Learn through watching video analysis of good skiing as well as common mistakes and errors. The added bonus of skiers like you participating and asking questions in these videos adds another level of real life learning. Looking after your body Taking care of your joints and muscles is imperative if you want to ski for the rest of your life. Tom’s other job is working as a body alignment therapist. He has created this category to give you some of his unique exercises that help to align and integrate the whole body. Got knee pain? Use the bombproof ankles and knees exercises to bring thos knees back to health.

What our customers are saying

Tom Gellie is a rare person who can not only ski at an elite level, but also because of his knowledge of the human body, perfectly explain what is happening when we ski. His presentations are invariably logical, easy to understand and easy to apply to your own skiing.

Terry Godbout, Founder Elite Skiing

Tom Gellie is simply a cut above. Go ahead and subscribe. If you have time, binge watch for a month. Then cancel if you want to. But I'll bet you a beer that you won't want to cancel. You'll cancel your Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription first. The content is simply that good.

Tim PSIA Level 2 Instructor

The What to Do with your Arms webinar is so cool. He makes this amazing analogy to Parkour athletes. He shows videos, sometimes split screen of different skiers and talks about it. The on snow lesson I watched was also fantastic. This is the best $90 I've ever spent on skiing.

Steve, Passionate Skier

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