Maximise time off snow
Maximise time off snow

Most of us don’t get to ski everyday. Utilise your off snow time with video learning.

Learn what it feels like
Learn what it feels like

You must get to the point of feeling good skiing. We emphasise feelings so you know when you’ve got it!

The spectrum of skiing
The spectrum of skiing

Improve your carving, bump skiing, short turns and all mountain skiing. We cover it all.

World Leader in ski teaching
World Leader in ski teaching

Tom Gellie is an industry leading educator. Go straight to the top and learn from the best.

Spend more time making better turns

We believe in maximising time off snow in order to develop your skiing. Videos on every topic imaginable, aimed at making you the best skier you can be. 

Fix your alignment

Detailed videos explaining how much to move and why. Based on how the body moves and forces in a ski turn. 

Timing is key

Timing of your movements is critical. Learn from the guy who teaches the instructors.

Real life lessons

When we can relate to others learning hurdles it makes the learning more powerful and effective.

We teach you to self analyse

We believe in teaching you the skills to help self teach and analyse your own and others skiing. 

Change your thinking to change your skiing

What you think, you end up doing. Many skiers are stuck because they are aiming at the wrong targets. Get the right ideas about your skiing technique, your body alignment and your progress will speed up. 

Join the BPS community

People all over the world are improving their skiing and all from the Big Picture Skiing App and website. 

Skiing Transformed
Powerful instruction
Best Investment Ever
Best Ski Instruction Site
Skiing Transformed

After two seasons with BPS my skiing has completely transformed and just last week when I was skiing with my buddies on our annual guys ski trip, my friends were blown away with how well I was skiing. In fact one of my friends said he remembered when he was better than me and now I am ahead of him in my abilities.

Doug A

Powerful instruction

If you're serious about improving your skiing, you need to join BPS now. In just two years of working with Tom and Sam, my skiing has reached a level I'd never dreamed of. As a physical therapist, Tom has a sophisticated understanding of biomechanics and movement dynamics; this is what makes his instruction so powerful and effective. Sam is a former world-class ski racer that has a rare ability to translate his experience into insight that mere mortals can benefit from.

Chris K

Best Investment Ever

I’m always highly skeptical about “best investment ever” and “changed my life” reviews but here I am writing one. Because it´s the plain truth: My skiing was completely stuck for many years in spite of seeking “professional advice” from quite a few skiing instructors in the Alps. Until, thanks to YT, I came across BPS. The results were amazing.

Sascha V

Best Ski Instruction Site

Started subscribing to Tom's BPS site recently. And after a few hours of browsing and watching the videos, it is without doubt one of the best constructed and designed ski instruction sites on the web. Whether it is on the slope video or studio setting recordings, Tom delivers the content precisely and holistically. Very enjoyable to watch and huge learning here.


The Big Picture Skiing App

Download videos for offline viewing, create playlists, search videos and join the community.

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Choose your learning option

Try out some new techniques for a month or immerse yourself to discover your best skiing yet! Every learning option starts with a 7-day free trial. When thinking about price please dont compare us to Netflix or Hulu. This is an education product and service run by a family of passionate skiers.  Compare the cost to that of a course or ski lesson and you will see Big Picture Skiing is exceptional value for money. 

What people are saying

Jason Simpson, Level 4 CSIA Course Conductor uses Big Picture Skiing as a resource for his teaching and his own skiing.

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Want access to one of our latest videos? This video answers the question of exactly how much you need to engage your ankles and knees for perfect carved edging in a turn. You may be surprised to discover exactly what this amount is and the reason why!

Skellie The Skiing Skeleton

Skellie represents how Big Picture Skiers approach their skiing. With attention to alignment, care for the body and building things up from a solid foundation. You can get your very own Skellie T-Shirt and Hoody from the Big Picture Store.