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Why can't I get bigger edge angles skiing?

OCT 2020 / by Tom Gellie

There is a point in carving turns where it feels more difficult or scary to achieve greater edge angles. For simplifying this post am roughly saying beyond where your your boots are tilted about 45 degrees to the slope. Perhaps you've noticed in video of you "ripping" down the groomers and feeling like you're just inches from the ground you see it's actually much further away. You're barely tipped over at all. Why is this? Is it a matter of fear? Is it a lack of strength? What other factors could be at play? I'd like to share one insight around this particular frustration point in getting your skis tipped over further.

Richie Berger Interview in Sölden

NOV 2018 / by Tom Gellie 

Tom Gellie interviews legendary technical skier Richie Berger. If you love skiing but don't know who Richie is I advise you get on youtube and search for some videos of him skiing before you begin listening.

Ron Le Master Interview

JAN 2018 / by Tom Gellie 

Tom chats with Ultimate skiing author Ron Le Master. Ron is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the physics of skiing. He has been a technical advisor to the US ski team as well as coach and instructor.