What if ski coaching could be done in a more effective way? What if your ski coach was accessible 6 days a week throughout the winter? To answer all your questions, guide you with drills and progressions, and relay video feedback on your skiing whenever you send a video in. The BPS Academy is revolutionising how you improve your skiing and in many ways it is better than on snow coaching. Find out more below. 

What Academy students are saying.

Hear from past BPS Academy students about their experience and what they have achieved doing the program. 


What’s in the program

  • Coaching from Tom Gellie and Demelza Clay. Level 4 instructor/examiners, former demo team members. Learn from the best.

  • Weekly zoom lessons on every topic imaginable related to your ski improvement. 

  • Video feedback on your skiing. Voiceovers and comparisons to help you work on whats most important next. Imagine checking your feedback on the chairlift, and knowing exactly what to do next. See an example further on.

  • Ski specific dry-land exercises. Tom coaches predominantly online and has developed exercises to help you progress your skiing without even being on snow. 

  • A private community of like minded skiers to share insights and your journey with. Learning in a small supportive group has been shown to be more effective than working individually. 

  • Assessment of your equipment. Tom’s eye for analysis can spot when your ski boots or skis are holding you back. 

  • Learning outside of ski hours so you can spend more time enjoying the mountains and your skiing. Zoom classes are recorded in case you cant make them. 

The Winter Academy begins in December 2023. Numbers are limited as it is currently just Tom and Demelza coaching. 

Not all applicants are accepted as we first must find out if you are the right fit for the program. If you would like to apply, explain why you would be a good fit and secure a spot for this program please email info@bigpictureskiing.com

price option
  • $2749 USD /10 weeks

  • $4499 USD  Full season Dec 1-Apr 28

To apply for the BPS Academy program please email info@bigpictureskiing.com and include;

  • Where you will be skiing

  • What you want to improve 

  • Why you want to work with Tom and Demelza

  • How long. 10 weeks or the full season.

  • Description of your skiing level. If you are a ski instructor and what level you are working towards. 

Zoom sessions cover a variety of topics. To see some of these you can view the collection from last winter here (see topics but to view videos you must be an academy student)

Each winter you will have your own collection of videos to keep and review. 

Academy 2022/23 topics

Want to find out about our off season training?

We run the Body Prep Program in the off season to help you build a ski ready body and come into next winter with your physical preparation in order. 

Body Prep Program