We believe in maximising time off snow to accelerate the learning curve of your skiing to apply on snow. We want to teach people what it feels like to perform good skiing. To master skiing you must understand your equipment, your technique and your mind. Big Picture Skiing delivers education in all these areas through our video library and online coaching.

  • Maximise time off snow

Utilise your time more effectively by doing the theory, indoor exercises and thinking of skiing off snow! Studies show that practicing in your mind is just as effective as the real thing. Accelerate your learning curve like never before by knowing exactly what it is you need to do and how to do it before you click into your skis. Tom Gellie, the creator of BPS, has made his biggest skiing breakthroughs in the off season.

  • Teach skiers what good skiing feels like

The best skiers feel vs think when they are skiing. They react via sensations and proprioceptive feedback. When you feel good skiing you are smoother, far more efficient and allow reflexes to work in your favour. We strive to teach you all about the details off snow but in the end we emphasise what all the technique and theory of skiing feels like when you are on snow!


The biggest block in your skiing could be coming from any of these areas. Discovering how to setup your ski boots ideally, preparing your body to help control movements on your skis or knowing what to expect mentally at each stage of the process. Understand the Big Picture for continued improvement no matter what your age.

What differentiates us?

We believe improving your skiing can be done anywhere and anytime. Video learning is one of the most effective forms of education as it can be paused, repeated and visuals can be slowed down and magnified to help you see what’s happening. Traditional ski education requires you to be on snow and with an instructor. We maximise your time on snow by doing most of the learning off snow leaving you to practice and play resulting in faster progress and more time skiing.

Your Teachers

Be trained by the guy that trains the instructors.

Learn to ski from a 2x former Alpine World Championsionships ski racer.




Tom Gellie

2x Demo Team Member

Level 4 Instructor/Examiner

Sam Robertson

2xWorld Champs Ski Racer

Level 3 Instructor

Competed against

the worlds



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Perfecting that carved turn or making a breakthrough in skiing the moguls has never been easier and more accessible. If you utilise and follow the lessons in the videos we guarantee you will become a better all mountain skier.

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Skiers across the world are starting to recognise the Big Picture style of skiing. Dynamic but graceful. Exciting but in control. If you want a holistic approach to skiing that includes biomechanics, off season training, video learning at your fingertips and the the invaluable skill of being your own teacher then we invite you to join one of our offerings.

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