Our philosophy at Big Picture Skiing revolves around maximizing your learning curve for skiing, both on and off the snow. We’re dedicated to helping you comprehend the essence of exceptional skiing by focusing on your equipment, technique, and mindset. Through our comprehensive video library and online coaching, we provide education across these crucial aspects.

  • Maximise time off snow

We’re firm believers in making the most of your time away from the slopes by engaging in theory, indoor exercises, and mental skiing practice. Research indicates that mental practice is just as effective as physical practice, enabling you to enhance your skills before even hitting the snow. Tom Gellie, the founder of BPS, has achieved significant skiing breakthroughs with students from around the world. Students he has never physically met! When you are armed with the resources from Big Picture Skiing expect to see some very pleasing results. 

  • Teach skiers what good skiing feels like

Our approach emphasizes helping skiers experience the sensation of good skiing rather than merely thinking about it. The finest skiers rely on their feelings and proprioceptive feedback, leading to smoother and more efficient movements. While we offer detailed insights off the snow, we place strong emphasis on conveying how skiing technique and theory translate into actual on-snow sensations.


We address the interconnected elements of biomechanics, equipment, and the mind-body connection. Whether it’s optimizing your ski boot setup, preparing your body to master ski movements, or understanding the mental aspects of each stage in the skiing process, we tackle potential obstacles comprehensively. Our mission is to provide a holistic understanding of the Big Picture to foster continuous improvement, regardless of your age.

What differentiates us?

We believe improving your skiing can be done anywhere and anytime. Video learning is one of the most effective forms of education as it can be paused, repeated and visuals can be slowed down and magnified to help you see what’s happening. Traditional ski education requires you to be on snow and with an instructor. We maximise your time on snow by doing most of the learning off snow leaving you to practice and play resulting in faster progress and more time skiing.

Your Teachers

Learn from the instructors that teach the instructors how to teach. 

Demelza Clay

Level 4 Instructor 

Former Demo Team Member

Heli Ski Guide

Tom Gellie

2x Demo Team Member

Level 4 Alpine Instructor/Examiner

Level 4 Telemark Instructor/Examiner

Jason Simpson

Level 4 Instructor

Level 4 course conductor/ examiner 


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