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Effects of binding placement with Lou Rosenfeld

Should you mount your bindings on the recommend factory line? What happens if you change the placement? Is there an ideal location for our bindings to be mounted every time? These questions and more are covered in this latest episode. I interviewed Lou Rosenfeld, a ski shop owner from Calgary, who is also a mechanical engineer involved in research over the years on the effects on binding mount location on ski performance. 


Ron LeMaster Interview

Ron LeMaster is the author of Ultimate Skiing and has had a huge impact on the understanding of modern day ski technique. His detailed and vivid descriptions of the physics of skiing are unparalleled. Any ski nerd or ski instructor will enjoy this episode.


Tim Cafe - Former Olympian and Coach of Alice Robinson

This episode features Tim Cafe ex Olympian and former coach to WC ski phenom Alice Robinson. Why would you listen to this episode? For at least three reasons.

Tim talks to us about binding placement and delta. Two things critical that most skiers do not consider and do not play with much. If you do you know how big a difference it can make. Tim has already been playing with his bindings on different skis this season.Tim has coached Alice Robinson right up until she made the World Cup. Hear some of his stories and insights into Alice’s Skiing. He even played with her binding position at times without her being aware. Why? Listen to find out.Tim takes nothing for granted. If someone says you shouldn’t do it this way he will test and experiment himself. Do the work to figure it out and make his own mind up about it. I hope that after this episode the listener feels more confident in doing some of this themselves and taking ownership of whatever it is they are trying to learn or master.

I hope you enjoy this episode it was one of my favourites. I say that every time I think, I really enjoy being able to talk skiing and then you the listener tune in like you were there too. If you have any feedback from this or any other episode please get in touch via the website.