I’m Tom Gellie.

APSI Level 4 Instructor,

Body Alignment Expert

Online Ski Coach

Get trained by the worlds best!

Meet your new ski instructor, Tom 

Tom Gellie is a member of the Elite Skiing A-Team, the best eleven ski instructors hand-picked from around the world.  The A-Team are technical masters and instruct the best trainers across the globe.


He is a former two-time member of the Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI) international demonstration team.  This is a highly coveted position, and the greatest honour one can achieve in the ski instructing world.


As an internationally recognised Ski Instructor, movement and mobility coach, and Bodywork Therapist, Tom is a sought-after biomechanical consultant to ski associations, tech companies and resorts around the world.


In 2013, Tom opened his bodywork clinic, Functional Body, with the aim of helping clients walk out feeling better than ever.  The biomechanical cues learnt in his practice, and his vast experience as an instructor are now used with skiers all over the world through Big Picture Skiing.


“I’m a self confessed ski addict. I think about skiing more than it’s probably healthy to do so!  I created Big Picture Skiing to share all that I’ve learnt tinkering, training, testing and working as an international ski instructor.” 


He also works as an advisor for Carv as they innovate in-boot technology to improve skiing, and is a biomechanical consultant for the Canadian Ski Instructors Association.  He is regularly invited to run training for ski instructors at resorts, such as Whistler Blackcomb and Aspen. 


“I’m not only a professional instructor, I’m a student of skiing.  Each day brings new insights from my practice, from my study, and from the slopes. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learnt as an international ski instructor. Join our growing community at Big Picture Skiing and let’s improve together!”


APSI Level 4 Trainer/Examiner

APSI Level 4 Telemark Examiner/Trainer

2009-2012 Technical Director for Telemark APSI

APSI Level 4 Trainer/Examiner

2011 Australian Interski team - Telemark

2015 Australian Interski Team - Alpine

2013 Diploma of Structural Integration

2015 Anatomy In Motion

2017 Proprioceptive DTR Advanced practitioner

2005 Bachelor of Applied Science



functional body alignment

Tom runs a successful practice in Sydney, Australia helping people solve body aches and pains and find greater performance in their body. The business has been run since 2013 and serves people from toddlers to 80 year olds. If you are interested in finding out more about this side of Tom's professional life please visit the Functional Body homepage.

Biomechanics Expert

 Teaching skiing since 2006

Global coaching experience

A New Perspective On Skiing

Modern ski instruction still uses old techniques to teach fundamental skills. I’ve taken a different approach that mixes what I’ve learnt on the slopes with what I’ve found in my bodywork practice. We’re seeing amazing results through online training that have defied expectations. One subscriber even swore to cancel Netflix before leaving Big Picture Skiing!

Here are the fundamentals you’ll find at Big Picture Skiing:

  • Simple Effective Language

    Clear instructions that build effective cues when you ski

  • See the Big Picture

    Learn from a vast array of lessons, from biomechanics to moguls, warm up exercises to how to carve on black runs, all with the goal of improving your form on the slopes.

  • Know Your Tools

    Gain a deep understanding of your body and your equipment. With better awareness of your body, your equipment will perform to it’s potential.