Private Online coaching

To book a private 1hr or  30 min online ski analysis session for your own skiing please click the links below. You will need some simple video footage to be analyzed. Tom will then go through and highlight what areas of your skiing need to be focused on and how to go about it. Coaches Eye is used to compare your skiing with other elite skiers. The implementation of slow motion video technology and side by side comparison will help you see exactly what you need to change to improve. 

Students find these sessions extremely effective and have used them to now only change technique but work out boot fitting problems, equipment issues with ski choice and what exercises will bring results. These sessions supplement the online material found on big picture skiing and have been found to get the best results. Train smarter not harder with your skiing.

1 hr zoom call session

30 min zoom call session


“Tom Gellie’s coaching has made profound improvements in my skiing. Watch his videos, schedule a virtual meeting, apply his methods and get ready to have awesome results in a very short time. He has a superb ability to analyze movement and communicate small incremental changes for improvement.”

Kathleen, Idaho

I’m a recreational skier, but I’m passionate about getting better. I discovered some of Tom’s free videos on YouTube and through the Carv app, and I found them to be incredibly helpful, so I joined Big Picture Skiing. That was like discovering hidden treasure! I’ve been watching the videos non-stop, and they’ve massively improved my skiing. That’s how I knew that a virtual coaching session (via Zoom) would take me even further. I had my first one with Tom the other day, and within minutes he picked up on something that I’d been struggling with for a long time, and gave me exercises to correct it. I went up to the mountain the day after, and skied better than I ever have! The session was much more helpful than a ski lesson I had locally, and for a fraction of the cost. I’ve already scheduled my next one. If you’re looking to take your skiing to the next level, I highly recommend Big Picture Skiing and working with Tom individually.” 

Chris, Utah

I wanted to let you know that I passed my level 3 this week! I am looking forward to improving and continuing to learn from all your videos and probably will ask you for coaching again. There is so much more I would like to master! 
Moving my feet and shaping the top of the turn really changed my skiing. 
Thank you again for your time and accuracy. I am inspired.

Catherine, Idaho

Just some quick feedback on our last session and my attempts to start a vertical "gravity drop" once the inclination is set: Works brilliant and effortless! More edge pressure, more deflection, more grip, bigger angles, tight arcs.... only about 15 cm missing to reach the ground, but getting closer and closer. Already feeling like a racer now (;
 Furthermore it helps a lot with "bringing everything home together" at the end of a turn!

Florian, Germany